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Cancer Pain

Cancer or malignant tumor pain is mainly of nociceptive origin, being caused by pressure or damage to the internal organs by the tumor itself. There are though, conditions in which the tumor or the cancer therapy causes neuropathic pain syndromes due to injury of the nerves.

Cancer Pain Treatment

Includes transdermal opioids, external pumps for intravenous analgesic therapy and intrathecal drug delivery which is recommended for those patients that have a longer life expectancy.

Most common used drugs are: major opioids (transdermal fentanyl or buprenorfine) hydromorphone, oxicodone
intrathecal drugs: morphine ;hydromorphone; clonidine; bupivacaine;

The objective of the cancer pain therapy is purely palliative and this should be fully explained to the patient!
We cooperate with the oncology department, and the palliative care.

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