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is a minimally invasive technique that changes the way the nervous system transmits the pain signals.
Neurostimulation blocks the pain signal with short and fast electrical stimuli that you do not perceive and generating a pleasant sensation in the area where the pain was. A small stimulator is implanted in your back or abdomen and the cable sending the electrical impulses is tunneled to the epidural space in the spinal cord (bundle of nerves that connect your brain with the rest of the body and run inside the vertebral column) where the appropriate nerves are stimulated.

Another technique, specially indicated for visceral pain, is Intrathecal Drug Delivery, in which anesthetic agents are injected constantly in the intrathecal space (the spinal cord is protected by a fluid that is contained in this space) of the spinal cord. With this delivery technique, a very high concentration of the medication is achieved in the place where it is really needed in order to be effective. The main benefit of this therapy is that you will reduce some of the side effects that result from the very high doses that you should take orally. It also enables almost complete and normal mobility since the pump that delivers the medication is implanted and you are not tied up to or dependant of the hospital or and external pump.

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