For the patient

Psychological support

In cooperation with the pain specialists, our clinical psychologist will help you and us achieve a better understanding of your pain problem.

In case of treatment with neuro stimulation or pain pumps our psychologist will do a psychological screening. During this screening (one or two interviews) the psychologist analyses how you cope with your pain in your daily life and other possible problems. If necessary, he or she can do a follow-up during and after the treatment.

The psychologist in our pain centre is also responsible for the psychological treatment and support of the pain patients. We know that it is not easy to cope with chronic pain: you have to deal with a lot of misunderstanding from society. You might feel depressed and maybe you have developed a lack of self esteem. It is not easy to deal with these feelings.

During the interviews the psychologist will support you to understand better your problem and, if necessary, psychotherapy can be considered necessary and started.
The psychotherapy will be aimed at helping you find ways to cope with the negative feelings and problems that are related to your chronic pain history.

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